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Keria joins T1 following the DRX player exodus

Published: 00:09, 19 November 2020
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Keria, the standout support player of the past LCK season, has decided to continue his esports career with T1, the league's most decorated organisation.

League of Legends offseason period tends to be hectic and filled with news that can be heartbreaking, surprising, expected or a combination of all three, despite the paradoxical nature some of those attributes have when put in the same basket.

The news from November 18, 2020, is a good example as Keria, easily one of the best rookies worldwide in the last season, has left DRX and joined T1 - and that's not even the top esports news of the day.

As you may know by now, the entirety of DRX player roster abandoned the organisation, save for Pyosik who lamented his teammates leaving, and they are observed closely by some of the top teams in the world as we just anticipated who gets to pick which player. T1 were the fastest to the support race and are apparently replacing Effort.

Keria's contract will last until November 15, 2022, and he will probably create one of the most fearsome bot lanes in the world with Teddy. That said, T1 have their own marksman trainee on the roster as well and given the young age of both Keria and Gumayusi, we could potentially witness the grass roots of an amazing duo for years to come.

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If you missed it by some miracle, Rekkles left Fnatic and is apparently gearing up for a contract with G2, which is the bigger news of the day we mentioned above.

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