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Jin Air Green Wings shut down, memes might disappear with them

Published: 03:23, 18 November 2020
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League of Legends - Pyke art

LCK is going into franchising for the next season which marked the end of some organisations, Jin Air Green Wings among them, making for some sad plane images.

Jin Air Green Wings have often been the subject of memes in League of Legends esports community and they managed to reach an odd celebrity status that way. On the other hand, they never won any major competitions and eventually got relegated from LCK.

The season that will go on in 2021 marked the beginning of franchising in Korea's premier championship which initially looked like an opportunity for JAG to come back to the elite company but this wasn't meant to be.

It appears that they were not accepted for LCK franchising and as such, the team decided to disband. This came through the official announcement they posted in Korean but it was partially translated by Ashley Kang. 

Even though the team's popularity saw some support, the fact the organisation was not selected for franchising caused them to end contracts with staff and the players, after which they would terminate team operations.

The next season would have marked the eighth year of JAG's existence and possible be another treasure trove of memes and the team's demise made many fans sad all over the world.

This prompted fans to bring out one of the most iconic memes tied to the team, the Sadplane.jpg

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