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League of Legends World Champion pledges to donate 8.888 trees

Published: 17:21, 06 November 2018
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Picture of Invictus Gaming celebrating their World Championship victory
League of Legends - Invictus Gaming

League of Legends players normally don't shy away from charity and other work that helps communities. Such is the case with Baolan, the support player for the recently crowned world champions, Invictus Gaming, who is donating 8.888 trees.

Wang "Baolan" Liu-Yi, has recently posted on his Weibo that he will host a lottery of sorts, where one Invictus Gaming fan will be randomly chosen. Baolan will donate 8.888 trees to the Million Tree Initiative but the donation will bear the name of the lucky winner instead.

This is both a nice and meaningful gesture from , as the Million Tree Initiative has rather noble goals in mind - enlarging the urban forests, which should in turn reduce CO2 pollution and its effects on global warming. There is also a significant meaning behind the number of planned trees to be planted.

If you guessed that 8.888 trees resembles the fact that iG won the Season 8 World Championship in the year 2018, you wouldn't be too far off with your guess. Number eight is considered the in Chinese culture, and the people there attempt to integrate it into their daily lives as much as possible. For example, the Beijing summer Olympics opening ceremony started at 8:08 PM, on 08/08/08.

As it turns out, Invictus Gaming became the first Chinese team to ever take the World Champion title in League of Legends and it happened in the 8th season in the 8th year of the current decade. While the first title itself is a reason for celebration, it seems perfect for the Chinese fans to happen in these conditions.

Invictus Gaming Picture of the Invictus Gaming roster from League of Legends Season 8 League of Legends - Invictus Gaming roster that won World Championship 2018

Back to the drawing of the lucky winner by Invictus Gaming, one person will be chosen by 11 November 2018 so if you happen to be a long time iG fan, you may want to let your voice be heard. It might just be your name written by those donations.

You can find the original on Reddit.

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