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Halo: Reach gets new and quite gorgeous screenshots

Published: 19:34, 18 November 2019
Master Chief wielding a glowing sword in Halo Reach
Halo Reach, you know who!

Halo: Reach was quite a gorgeous game back when it launched but PC players wouldn't really know, seeing as how it was an Xbox 360 exclusive. Now, Microsoft released some new screenshots that show the game in all its overhauled glory.

If you've been keeping up to date with Halo: The Master Chief Collection, you know that Halo: Reach comes as part of the package soon, although updated for the current-gen devices. 

Naturally, PC players are looking at significantly overhauled graphics, with 4K UHD and "at least 60 FPS", mouse and keyboard support, ultrawide display support, FOV settings, and the rest of the PC-centric bells and whistles. 

If these screenshots are anything to go by, 343 Industries did a great job dressing up Halo: Reach in shiny new garments, although Bungie deserves a healthy dose of credit for the base design, which clearly still holds up. 

Microsoft's screenshots show off a bit of everything, including Firefight, Halo: Reach's popular mode that has players fighting off waves of increasingly difficult enemies. 

As for the rest of the features, Microsoft and 343 promise an overhauled progression system, updated player customisation, more than 20 maps, classic game modes. Apparently, Forge and Theater will be coming later in 2020, but the rest will be available at launch. 

So, Halo: Reach launches as part of Halo: The Master Chief Collection on 3 December 2019 for PC and Xbox One, and given Microsoft's recent , you'll be able to purchase it via the Windows Store and Valve's distribution platform.

We must admit that the screenshots are quite wallpaper-friendly but if that's not enough, you can check out Halo: Reach's PC launch trailer above, which should sum everything up.  

Microsoft Master Chief in a spaceship, from Halo Reach Halo Reach, graphics evolved, wink wink

You can check out the rest of the screenshots in our gallery below.

Halo: Reach, screenshots from the Master Chief Collection

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