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Gwen, the next LoL champion, gets ability reveal

Published: 01:56, 31 March 2021
Riot Games
League of Legends - Gwen
League of Legends - Gwen

Riot Games revealed the abilities and the starting skin for Gwen, the seamstress that reminds of the pre-rework Irelia. She's probably happy Morello isn't around these days.

Better nerf Irelia memes might make a return when we get Gwen, who seems to be well equipped for surviving, sounds rather sticky and can beat down beefy and squishy targets alike.

Thousand Cuts (Passive) grants bonus on-hit magic damage that scales with enemy max health. Basic attacks against champions heal Gwen.

Snip Snip (Q) causes rapid snips with Gwen's scissors, between two and six times. The number of snips depends on the number of basic attacks Gwen landed on an enemy. Enemies at the centre of the snips take true damage and the bonus damage from Thousand Cuts.

Hallowed Mist (W) marks the area around Gwen and she gains armour and magic resistance while standing in it. Enemies outside the area can't target Gwen or hit her with abilities. The mist moves once if Gwen tries to leave it but disappears on the second attempt.

Skip 'n Slash (E) is a dash that empowers Gwen's attacks with additional range, speed and on-hit magic damage for four seconds. Attacking enemies during this time restores half of the ability's cooldown.

Needlework (R) can be cast up to three times. Each cast fires needles in a line that deal damage, slow enemies and apply Thousand Cuts magic damage. The first cast fires one needle, second one has three and the final cast will fire five needles.

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