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GTA Online - Festive Surprise 2017 brings snow and some new cars

Published: 08:31, 23 December 2017
Rockstar Games
Festive Surprise 2017 logo
GTA Online

Festive Surprise 2017 Event is in full swing. The event brought some new cars and some fresh gear into the mix. An Albany Hermes Muscle Car and some additional gifts will be waiting for all players who log on on Christmas Day.

Los Santos and Blaine County have both been hit by the Festive Surprise 2017 Event. The event has brought "new festive gear along with all of your old favourites". Some of the new items include a Firework Launcher, an Elf mask, and a Reindeer Bodysuit - set your inner animal loose.

The new cars: Your own Ubermacht Sentinel Classic is waiting at Southern San Andreas Super Autos. You can also score this 4x4 all-purpose Sports class vehicle:

Rockstar Games 4x4 Benefactor Streite in GTA Online GTA Online

A gratis Albany Hermes Muscle Car and some additional gifts will wait for you when you log on on Monday, 25 December.

If a new car doesn't exactly float your boat, there is a brand new game mode out now in GTA Online. In Occupy, victory is obtained by securing and holding capture zones across the map and fending off the circling vultures on the other team.

Whichever team holds more zones will gain points faster and the first team to hit the target score wins the round. You can earn Double GTA$ & RP while playing the new mode. The bonus will be live until 08 January.

A bunch of discounted business properties and vehicles will be on offer in the coming days: 


  • Arcadius Business Center - 30 percent off
  • Fort Zancudo Hangar 3499 - 30 percent off

Rockstar Games Ubermacht Sentinel Classic in GTA Online GTA Online

Luxury Vehicles 

  • Yachts - 30 percent off (All models)
  • Pegassi Zentorno - 30 percent off

Assault Vehicles

  • Armored Karin Kuruma - 30 percent off (both Buy It Now & Trade price)
  • Nagasaki Buzzard - 30 percent off
  • HVY Insurgent - 30 percent off (both Buy It Now & Trade price)

Premium Race and Time Trial Schedule:

December 19th - 25th

  • Premium Stunt Race - "H200" (Locked to Sports)
  • Time Trial - "Sawmill"

Rockstar Games Albany Hermes Muscle Car in front of a giant Christmas tree in GTA Online GTA Online

December 26th - January 1st

  • Premium Stunt Race - "Double Loop" (Locked to Super)
  • Time Trial - "Cypress Flats"
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