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Gothic will be the next skin line in League of Legends by fan vote

Published: 07:53, 05 February 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Goth Annie
League of Legends - Annie is a low skill floor, mid level skill ceiling champion

The simplest solutions may just be the best, after all. The easiest way to know what the majority of your player base wants is to ask them. These recent Riot-held polls were just that, giving us a needed rework and wanted skin line.

Riot Games have left a lot of decision-making to fan voting in the last month or so. Starting off with the future rework of an old champion in need of one, to even their precious skins.

Though it can be said to be an obvious decision, as they have to appease those that actually buy the skins, after all.

The newest skin line coming to League of Legends in season 12 will be the Gothic skin line, as was decided by fans on all servers.

The other two offered skin lines, Infernal, and Arclight, respectively, could only contend amongst themselves, with the Gothic skin line winning the polls by a landslide victory of almost 50 percent of the votes.

Riot Games League of Legends - Skin line voting results League of Legends - Skin line voting results

Goth is a series of alternate universe skins in League of Legends. It is set in a world where each champion is part of the Gothic cultural movement. League of Legends champions that possess skins that are part of the Gothic skin line are currently Gothic Orianna, Goth Annie, and of course, Amumu with his, aptly named, Emumu skin.

It will be interesting to see how the middle school equivalent of a skin theme will perform and look in the modern League of Legends. After all, the game's fan base is getting older and older, on average. Perhaps it will succeed as more of a parody of the Goth movement than anything else.

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