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GORN enters the arena that is PlayStation VR

Published: 15:07, 19 May 2020
Free Lives
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GORN has made its way onto PlayStation VR. The visceral reality game was developed by Free Lives studio and published by Devolver Digital. GORN features a custom language and a five-track hip-hop EP in said language.

Developed by Free Lives studio and published by Devolver Digital, the VR sensation with the tagline "Blood, Dirt, and Nipples in Glorious VR", is now available for PlayStation VR. 

A ludicrously violent VR gladiator simulator, GORN features a physics-driven combat engine where fighters creatively execute their most violent colosseum fantasies, as well as their opponents, in virtual reality.

The title first saw the light of day back in 2017 when it was released into the wild of Early Access. While in Early Access, GORN enjoyed high praise and success despite players' inclination to destroy screens and tear down light fixtures in the heat of battle. 

Whispers of a dislocated knee cap are also permeating the air around the colosseum but a busted up leg didn't stop GORN from taking its place among the top 10 VR games in sales and user reviews on Steam.

"What we do in VR echoes in eternity," said Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker. 

GORN features a wide range of poorly-animated-enemy-killing weapons: from swords, maces, and bows to nunchucks, throwing knives, massive two-handed war hammers and even your blood-soaked VR bare hands.

Free Lives spent over two years adding everything from new weapons and opponents to a custom language to the GORN universe. That last one is a joke that honestly just got out of hand until they had a full language and a five-track hip-hop EP in said language.

For more information on GORN, you can pay a visit to the game's official site and follow @Free_Lives on Twitter.

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