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God of War to get a photo mode that enables screenshots

Published: 19:22, 21 April 2018
Kratos looking at the camera like it owes him a lot of money
God of War - Kratos

Sony have confirmed God of War's photo mode will arrive as DLC sometime soon. The idea is to pause the game at any given moment and then move, pan and zoom to your liking, until you find that perfect snapshot. Yeah, it's a glorified selfie.

Santa Monica Studios have announced God of War's photo mode as free DLC arriving sometime in the near future. This has been a growing trend among games in the recent years and to be fair, being able to take some photos while you're playing a game should be a common feature from the get-go, much like it is on PC.

Sony God of War game protagonist with scarce armor holding an axe God of War

The photo mode has been teased by Playstation's Twitter page recently and it allows pausing gameplay and panning the camera around the scene, taking images from any angle you prefer. The term free update is a head-scratcher though, since we didn't realise we had to pay for updates before.

A worthwhile mention is the ability to change Kratos' and Atreus' facial expressions while taking photos. The idea of making the protagonists have goofy looking faces when getting hit or merely talking with each other has potential for a few good cracks. I mean c'mon - is there a person in the world who wouldn't chuckle at a Kratos and Atreus photo bomb?

God of War game director, Cory Barlog, recently uploaded a  of his reaction to Metacritic scores for the game. He held off looking at reviews until the day of the game's launch, and found a 94/100 score on the site's main page.

He promptly let loose a few manly tears and no doubt touched the hearts of many as he thanked his team and his partners for believing in him, even when he didn't. Personal congratulations go out to Santa Monica Studio and Mr. Barlog for keeping the heart of the series alive.

To say that God of War has started off on the right foot is a severe understatement. Critics and fans alike are showering Kratos' new tale with praise. We'll reserve our judgement until our review is finished but let's just say that most reviewers are right on the money. 

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