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God of War is the runner-up on Metacritic All-Time top PS4 games

Published: 22:30, 16 April 2018
Santa Monica Studio
Kratos and Atreus fighting a troll
God of War - The reboot seems to be a success for Sony

Santa Monica Studio developers must be celebrating, since their game seems to have nothing but praise in its future. Seeing as the public is yet to decide about the game, we can take all the scores and critic opinions with a grain of salt.

Santa Monica Studio has successfully rebooted God of War, if critic reviews are to be trusted entirely. They have collectively rated the game a 95/100, surpassing every other PlayStation 4 title except Grand Theft Auto V, which currently holds a score of 97/100.

Review copies were sent out to many sites, Youtubers, and gaming critics alike at the beginning of April. All of them seem to have concluded that the game is a welcome fresh start, and many praised the story, music and gameplay. However, the public is yet to even see the game so let's hold our applause for now.

Santa Monica Studio Kratos and Atreus fighting some revenants God of War - Kratos and Atreus fighting together

Even before the game got developed, creative director Cory Barlog made a point that if they wanted to make a new God of War title, it would have to be a fresh start instead of being another spin-off. After the game's release, Barlog hopes to begin working on a new intellectual property, and if God of War doesn't fail, he might just get the chance.

Some critics were being inconclusive with their review scores in the sense that the game's pros outweighed the cons 10 to zero, but they still gave the game a 9/10 score. You can expect our review of the game to hit sometime next week, as we plan to take extra precautions in order to deliver a truthful scoring. 

Santa Monica Studio Kratos killing a skeleton God of War - Kratos SMASH

God of War puts players yet again in the shoes of Kratos, but in a different world. This time the players will control an older and wiser Kratos and lead him through the Nordic lands with his son Atreus. The story will be told in a one-shot style, as the camera never deviates from the player's character.

Cory Barlog mentioned that there was immense stress during the game's development due to the risky undertaking of rebooting a cult-classic. Had they failed the name of God of War, his head would be on Sony's chopping block. The PlayStation 4 exclusive title launches on 20 April 2018.

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