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God of War director says the game's PlayStation 4 Pro version runs awesome

Published: 18:50, 02 April 2018
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God of War

Eighteen more days until God of War's skull busting protagonist Kratos returns for another round of the franchise's trademark mayhem, albeit in a somewhat re-imagined manner, and director Cory Barlog revealed a tidbit to quelm our hunger.

Since there's still plenty of time to bite our nails, Cory Barlog has done well to satisfy our curiosity in the PlayStation 4 performance department.

When asked whether players should upgrade to PS4 Pro in order to enjoy God of War properly, Barlog said that this is not the case. However, he did hint at different ways to put PlayStation 4 Pro's extra juice to good use.

Sony God of War game protagonist with scarce armor holding an axe God of War

As you know, PlayStation 4 Pro is equipped to chew through 4K and churn out a steady performance. In fact, Barlog thinks running God of War at 4K looks "AMAZING". Yeah, caps and all.

Having hinted at God of War's performance modes on for PS4, Barlog clarified saying that even though 4K is just stunning, running the game in 1080 on the console may even be better for some users. To be fair, being a stickler for performance over candy, this does sound up my alley.

Barlog said that if you run God of War in 1080 on pro it will use the additional muscle to make the game run faster. He added that it "looks/moves sooooooo nice."

God of War has recently got a at how Barlog 'n Co went about motion capturing the entire thing. In case you didn't know, Kratos' movement was meticulously designed from ground up, with heavy emphasis on not backing down. Sure, we can live with that.

SIE Mocap actors being filmed for God of War God of War - Motion Capture process with Kratos' Voice actor Christopher Judge

We've also covered Sony's take on the they insisted on in the new God of War, proving there's more to the new Kratos than simply a . With the change of narrative, there came a change of visual storytelling, which is sure to get the critics revving. 

The new God of War launches world wide on 20 April 2018 for PlayStation 4.

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