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Genshin Impact: Raiden Shogun character teaser has been revealed

Published: 00:35, 28 August 2021
Genshin Impact character Baal
Genshin Impact - Shogun Raiden Baal

The official Genshin Impact YouTube channel has finally revealed the character teaser for one of the upcoming Genshin Impact characters, the Electro Archon - Raiden Shogun.

The addition of a new character is probably the most exciting thing a casual Genshin Impact player is looking forward to, especially in the latter stages of the game when there aren't as many quests and events to enjoy.

miHoYo have already announced a couple of new characters on their official social media accounts. Those characters include Raiden Shogun, Kokomi, Kojou Sara. All of these characters are expected to come in the foreseeable future. Recent leaks have revealed a bunch of interesting characters like Gorou, Kokomi, Sara and others.

The official PlayStation Youtube channel has finally revealed the long-awaited character teaser for Raiden Shogun:

The official Genshin Impact Version 2.1 live stream has confirmed that Raiden Shoun will be released around September 1. A recent leak on the Genshin_Impact_Leaks subreddit has  revealed   an image of Raiden Shogun equipped with the official Inazuma Wind Glider. Even though the Wind Glider doesn't impact any of your stats, players usually care about the appearance of their glider since they usually spend a lot of time flying through the world of Teyvat.

Twitter: Dimbreath Genshin Impact character Shogun Baal Genshin Impact - Raiden Shogun Baal

It's safe to say that Raiden Shogun is one of the most-anticipated characters in the game of Genshin Impact as players can't wait to pull for her. A recent tweet by another credible Genshin Impac leaker called Dimbreath has revealed  that they've been some strong buffs to Raiden Shogun during the ongoing beta phase.

Buffing her Resolve bonus will significantly increase her DPS potential. This change seems kind of weird considering that a change  made a couple of days ago hinted that she could be a support character. Shifting her power from Electro Damage to Energy Recharge could mean that Raiden Shogun will be better suited as a support character, rather than the main DPS.

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