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Genshin Impact: Kojou Sara Constellations have been revealed

Published: 22:41, 30 July 2021
Genshin Impact character Sara
Genshin Impact - Sara

A tweet from a credible Genshin Impact leaker named Project Celestia has revealed the Constellations for one of the upcoming characters - the Electro Bow user, Kojou Sara.

The release of a new character is one of the most anticipated events in Genshin Impact  . miHoYo have already confirmed three new characters that will join the character roster - Baal, Sara and Kokomi.

A recent tweet from a popular Genshin Impact leaker called Project Celestia has revealed  the Constellations for the upcoming Electro Bow user - Kojou Sara:

  • Crow's Eye - While in the Crowfeather Cover state provided by Tengu Stormcall, Aimed Shot charge times will be decreased by 60 per cent
  • Dark Wings - Unleashing Tengu Stormcall will leave a weaker Crowfeather at Kojou Sara's original position that will deal 30 per cent of its original damage
  • The War Within - Increases the level of Subjugation: Koukou Sentou by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15
  • Conclusive Proof - The number of Tengu Juurai: Stormcluster released by Subjugation: Koukou Sentou is increased to 6
  • Spellsinger - Increases the level of Tengu Stormcall by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15
  • My World - The Electro damage of characters who had their ATK increased by Tengu Juurai has its Crit damage increased by 60 per cent

Twitter: Dimbreath Genshin Impact character Sara Genshin Impact - Kojou Sara

Sara is will be a Bow user, making her the second Electro character with a bow. This could still be changed considering that characters like Albedo (sword) were rumoured to be bow users. Since she's paired with Raiden Shogun Baal, Sara is pretty much confirmed to be a four-star character, making her the second Electro Bow character in the game.

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