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Genshin Impact: Gorou's character demo has been revealed

Published: 23:32, 13 December 2021
Genshin Impact character Gorou
Genshin Impact - Gorou

The official Genshin Impact social media accounts have revealed the character demo for one of the upcoming characters, the long-awaited Geo user Gorou.

he The addition of a new character is probably the most exciting thing a casual Genshin Impact player is looking forward to, especially in the latter stages of the game when there aren't as many quests and events to enjoy.

According to the Genshin_Impact_Leaks subreddit , Gorou will be able to apply buffs which means that he will be a support character. Players have high hopes for his support capabilities since Zhongli, Albedo and even Noelle are some of the strongest supports in the game.

The official Genshin Impact Youtube channel has revealed Gorou's character demo video:

Elemental Burst (Q) - Juuga Forward Unto Victory: Gorou deals AoE Geo Damage and creates a field known as General's Glory to embolden his comrades. The field has the following effects: 

  • It has the same effect as the General's War Banner created by Inazuka All-Round Defense, providing buffs to active characters within the ability's AoE based on the on-field Geo characters.
  • Generates one Crystal Collapse every 1.5 seconds and deals AeO Geo Damage to one opponent within its radius
  • The effect will pull one elemental shard created by the Crystallize Reaction within its AoE to your active character's position every 1.5 seconds.

miHoYo Genshin Impact character Gorou Genshin Impact - Gorou

When it comes to his release date, a couple of leaks hint that he could be a part of update 2.3 which will arrive around December 5. This means that players will have plenty of time to farm those precious Primogems in order to gather all six of his Constellations.

This is all of the information we currently have about this unusual charter. These leaks should be taken with a grain of salt since the character is far from getting released any time soon.

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