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Garen rework highlights LoL 9.20 patch notes

Published: 23:33, 08 October 2019
Riot Games
League of Legends - Garen splash art
League of Legends - Garen

Riot Games are about to release League of Legends patch 9.20, rebalancing many champions but Garen's mini rework is probably the most impactful change that could potentially tilt the meta further into his favour.

Garen, the Might of Demacia was somewhat recently featured in a video explaining how he is literally the worst champion in pro League of Legends scene, being picked only three times and winning none of those games. It didn't take for the media curse to kick in, as Garen picked his first win up before the was even released. Fast forward two months, he is highly likely to be dominant in the bot lane, paired with Yuumi.

Riot Games have been working on tweaking the champion for a while already though, and he might turn out to be even more powerful in the future. His passive will generally heal more and can no longer be interrupted by minions. 

Only champions, epic monsters and towers can do so. His Decisive Strike (Q) will now scale with attack speed, allowing for swifter silences, which is a buff that synergises well with the change to his Judgement (E) which now has seven spins by default, with one spin added each time Garen gains 20 per cent additional attack speed through levelling or item purchases. Each spin will also add Conqueror stacks and closest target will suffer 25 per cent more damage.

Courage (W) was slightly altered as it now gives Garen a shield equals to 10 per cent of his maximum health instead of the 30 per cent damage reduction for 0.75 seconds.

League of Legends - showcase of several champion splash arts

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League of Legends

Finally, Demacian Justice (R) will now always deal true damage as the Villain mechanic got the boot. It will also provide vision of the target for one second in order to prevent interruptions via fog of war. Missing health scaling and base damage have been reduced but it should deal more damage overall, on top of being more consistent, thanks to true damage not being altered by any resistances.

You can read the , including Shaco and Victor's mini reworks on the official website.

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