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G2 purges LoL roster, completely removes support staff

Published: 00:08, 12 October 2021
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League of Legends pro player Caps on stage
Claps back in business

G2 Esports announced some sweeping changes would happen in the League of Legends roster after failing to qualify for Worlds 2021 and the organisation has now revealed them.

G2 Esports CEO and founder, Carlos "Ocelote" Rodriguez announced some rather important news regarding the organisation's League of Legends team via a handheld video recording.

The speculations about the future of the player roster in G2 ever since the end of LEC Summer Play-Offs turned out to be correct mostly as the only two players the team plans on keeping are Jankos and Caps. Wunder, Rekkles and Mikyx are now benched and the team is looking to trade them.

Given the fact that G2 sold PerkZ and got Rekkles instead relatively recently, it would be fair to say that the decision was detrimental for the team and now it looks like Ocelote is rebuilding the team from scratch. Well, almost, since Jankos and Caps are still around.

That said, the coaching staff consisting of GrabbZ and Nelson is in the same waters as they are to be traded as well. While all of these planned departures were spoken about before and were somewhat expected, it's hard to say anyone guessed G2 would remove the entirety of the support staff but that's exactly what is happening, according to Ocelote's announcement.

It remains to be seen if the org will manage to get enough people that click well together by the time the next LEC season kicks off but it will certainly be quite the challenge.

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