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Future LoL champions will include fewer humans and almost no creatures

Published: 17:07, 29 March 2021
Riot Games
League of Legends - Champion concept groups
League of Legends - Champion concept groups

Riot Games revealed a little bit more about the species of the upcoming champions and what we can expect to get in League of Legends in the next two years.

Riot separates champions into three groups when deciding on their general look and feel, with the groups being human, humanoid and creature. Humans are self-explanatory but the other two groups dip into the fantasy a bit more.

For example, humanoids are champions that resemble humans on some way but are not the same species. These champions include the likes of Darkin, Vastaya and Yordles.

The creatures are pretty much everything that doesn't resemble humans, like most of the Void inhabitants such as Cho'Gath and Kog'Maw as well as some Shadow Isles denizens like Maokai.

It is this third group that the players choose the least apparently and Riot Games decided to minimise releases of creatures in League of Legends. According to Riot Reav3 , the audience for these types of champions is just extremely small so they are trying to cater to more of the players with new releases. That said, the team is planning to release a creature in 2022.

As for humans, they are popular but they have been getting a lot of attention and it appears Riot's future plans include releasing fewer of these champions.

League of Legends - showcase of several champion splash arts

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
League of Legends

This leaves us with humanoids, who are also popular picks and it looks like 2022 will be when they will be released in quantities larger than the other two groups. Furthermore, one humanoid has also been confirmed for release in 2021.

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