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Future League of Legends events will lean more heavily into lore

Published: 06:37, 15 December 2021
Riot Games
A screenshot from a League of Legends video
League of Legends: Sentinels of Light

If the player-base has any complaints regarding season 11 of League of Legends, it would be the flop that was the Sentinels of Light. Luckily, Riot are not above learning from their mistakes.

Sentinels of Light was the capstone to the first multi-month story arc, the first big, immersive lore event on PC in years, and the first lore event across multiple products at Riot. While there were a lot of things that could've been better, Riot do think there were things that went well.

However, they have also pointed out, in their recent address to the community, that the event has missed the mark on quite a few things. As a result, lore events in League of Legends are not dead.

This means that Riot will continue to base future events, in 2022, on in-game lore. The difference will be that they will not gatekeep the events behind grindy mini-games, the way they did with Spirit Blossom and Sentinels of Light. Instead, the lore should be accessible, especially canon Runeterra lore.

Riot Games a screenshot from the League of Legends cinematic Ruination League of Legends - Viego

Our hope is that Riot will emulate their recent success that was Arcane, in their future events. As many players have pointed out, currently, the best media League of Legends has is everywhere but in League of Legends itself, and we are inclined to agree.

The game is filled with champions whose lore is completely unexplored, ad we implore Riot to give some love to champions that are, perhaps, less-marketable. We, as players who have been playing these champions for years, have already had these champions successfully marketed to us, and their stories are those we wish to hear.

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