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Has Mirage's free giveaway gambit paid off?

Published: 20:42, 18 September 2017
Mirage: Arcane Warfare

Torn Banner Studio's attempt at revitalising Mirage: Arcane Warfare's dwindling playerbase has now had a weekend to settle down. Giving the game away for free has prompted a lot of players to download, but it appears that not many of those players stuck around.

Mirage: Arcane Warfare had a problem that many multiplayer indie releases are faced with - a chronic lack of players necessary to keep a game alive. Torn Banner Studio have tried sidestepping the issue with the and the latest attempt was making the title free for a day, after which players would get to keep the game.

TornBanner Mirage: Arcane Warfare Mirage: Arcane Warfare

"Mirage launch sales were poor. That sucked, and we know it. Our company's doing fine, and we'll be able to continue to make awesome games in the future. More than anything, we're disappointed for the players who stuck by us and did buy Mirage - but who have struggled to find people to play against", the developers explained on the day that Mirage was .

Over a million players have taken advantage of the free day according to and a decent number of those have stuck around during the following weekend. While SteamSpy and SteamCharts numbers aren't entirely reliable, they do at least provide a general idea of how a game is performing on the platform.

It has now been a little over a week since the resuscitation effort and Mirage is at least somewhat more lively than it was before.

SteamCharts Mirage: Arcane Warfare - SteamCharts Mirage: Arcane Warfare - SteamCharts

Mirrage was averaging less than 10 daily players prior to the promotion, and has now at least climbed to a workable count of roughly 450 concurrent daily users. The player count peaked around the 45,000 mark during the promotion, and has now settled down. Oddly, there was no perceptible increase during the following weekend, but it is safe to say that Mirage now has a palyerbase, where previously there was none.

A lot of the people who grabbed the game during the free day probably haven't gotten around to trying it yet, since simply adding the game to your library without giving it a spin was an option. More players may join the game's arenas after actually sitting down to play Mirage, but with the bussiest release season of the year still ahead of us, the question is whether there will be enough players to go around in order to assure growth for the title.

TornBanner Mirage: Arcane Warfare Mirage: Arcane Warfare

From Torn Banner's perspective, this can be called a win. It appears that they have secured the minimum necessary player count for being able to call the assembled combatants a community. Nobody was expecting a miracle , but it looks as if Mirage will be sticking around for a while, and depending on the studio's next moves the title may recover in due time.

Whether Mirage: Arcane Warfare can secure the longevity that Thorn Banner's pervious title Chivalry: Mediveal Warfare has developed for itself over the years for itself remains to be seen.



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