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Second Extinction is now free on the Epic Games Store

Published: 17:24, 21 December 2021
Systemic Reaction
Secon Extinction free on the Epic Games Store
Secon Extinction free on the Epic Games Store

Big map. Big dinosaurs. Big guns. Second Extinction is free on the Epic Games Store until December 22.

Yesterday brought us Loop Hero and today we've arrived on Day six of Epic Game Store's 15 Days of Free Games extravaganza. Day six or "Go Big or Go Home" brought us Systemic Reaction's Second Extinction. The FPS game is currently in Early Access and its base version is up for grabs on the Epic storefront.

About Second Extinction

Second Extinction positions its players on Earth and makes them fight against mutated dinosaurs to reclaim the planet. Built with squads in mind, Second Extinction can be played with up to two friends.

Being an Early Access title, Second Extinction is still under construction but the devs from Systemic Reaction have so far implemented six heroes, 12 types of weapons each with five upgrade tiers and six main missions with special side quests meant to compel players to explore the far reaches of the game's map. 

Second Extinction's War Effort feature

Each region of Second Extinction's map comes with its own threat level which can be lowered in enough players labour to complete their missions and tasks. The catch is that the mutated dinosaurs will strive to undo all your hard work in areas you've neglected for the moment. The threat level of each region and the difficulty of the weekly Emergence Event will change according to the amount of meaningful work the players have accomplished the week prior.

Claim a free copy of Second Extinction on Epic Games Store - available until December 22 at 17:00.

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