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Fortnite's previously banned cheaters qualify for the World Cup

Published: 22:21, 03 June 2019
Epic Games
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Epic Games are putting a lot of money into Fortnite eSports but it seems like they still lack work on some basics, like not letting cheaters compete. Two previously banned cheaters will earn $50,000 and compete in the World Cup in NYC.

Epic Games have banned a pile of cheaters from Fortnite World Cup qualifiers already but now it seems like some are slipping through the cracks. XXiF and Ronaldo were both previously banned on account of fixing matches by having their acquaintances feed them kills.

Both players were temporarily banned but only for two weeks, following the series of tweets by HighSky that the duo. This made them miss out on a grand total of one solo and one duo qualification round but still had time to compete in other events that earned them enough points to qualify for World Cup.

There is not telling how far they could potentially go at the main event but Ronaldo and XXiF will both earn $50,000 for just participating in the tournament since is what each participant will be awarded. 

To clarify, the duo was not banned for using illegal software, they were specifically banned for having friends feed them kills in order to earn more points and guarantee a qualification. This could be the reason why Epic Games didn't go too hard on them but it is still cheating and having them at the biggest Fortnite eSport definitely sends the wrong message.

Needless to say, this didn't sit well with other high-profile Fortnite players. DrLupo voiced his by stating this is a "kick in the junk to the integrity of the Fortnite competitive community" which is a sentiment he feels "that should be unanimously agreed upon".

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Meanwhile, other Fortnite pros how it was ridiculous that Tfue got permanently banned for account trading as a way of trading skins while cheaters in a $30 million tournament got a 14-day ban.

Considering the amount of dust the controversy has raised so far, Epic are more than likely aware of it. Now it only remains to be seen whether the duo will be disqualified or not.

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