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Fortnite's Marvel superheroes take a step back for Predator

Published: 17:26, 20 January 2021
Epic Games
Fortnite vs. Predator
Fortnite vs. Predator

Epic Games have unveiled Fortnite's next Battle Pass character unlock, and after a string of Marvel's superheroes comes the hunter of hunters - Predator.

Albeit just a tad Disneyfied, for the lack of a better term, Fortnite's version of Predator ticks all the boxes. He's scary and it gets worse if he sneaks up on you, which he really likes doing. Also, that sound gives us the creeps to this day. 

Of course, Fortnite players won't have Arnie on their side, but it's an even playing field - you really don't want Predator's skillset in a game. Well, unless it's Aliens vs. Predator, but that's a whole 'nother story. 

"Throughout the galaxy, there are few species feared more than the Yautja. Fearsome warriors that hunt for honor and sport, this one followed John Jones on its quest for a worthy competitor. Completing the Jungle Hunter Quests, players can also unlock the Predator Outfit with built-in Bio-helmet Online Emote, as well as a unique Heat Vision Hunter Spray, Banner, and Emoticon", Epic wrote.

The dev is already drumming up support for a Predator photo showdown, encouraging players to tweet their best snaps with the #Fortography hashtag. If you happen to be among the top picks, your photos will be featured in an upcoming Fortnite blog. 

Epic Games Fortnite, Predator outfit of choice is made to kill Fortnite, Predator outfit of choice is made to kill

Epic are bringing bigger and bigger guns to Fortnite's outfit roster, and it's not at all surprising that the game is still smashing records. We suppose that even the most pessimistic doomsayers had to come to terms that Fortnite is no closer to dying than Anthem is closer to living. And when you can't beat them...

You can find the announcement here .

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