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Fortnite's Galactus offensive hits record concurrent player figures

Published: 11:15, 02 December 2020
Epic Games
Fortnite, new boomsticks
Fortnite, new boomsticks

Fortnite's Galactus showdown is behind us and Epic announced the numbers, which are traditionally record-breaking, as the concurrent player count hitmore than 15 million.

As you'd expect, the news comes from Epic themselves, and one has to give it to them - they keep outdoing themselves. 

Anyway, they tweeted, "We defeated him! A record 15.3 million concurrent players joined forces in our biggest event ever to fight back Galactus in today's in-game event, while more than 3.4 million cheered and watched on YouTubeGaming and Twitch!"

We're talking about millions more than on Travis Scott's Astronomical show, which attracted 12.3 million players. Did someone say a dying game?

If you thought Epic will sit on the Galactus record and brag - then think again. The studio went ahead and launched Chapter 2 - Season 5, with a bunch of new stuff to look forward to.

For starters, the centre of Fortnite's map has been scorched by the Zero Point. To compensate, Epic threw in a few new PoIs and a remix of one oldie but goldie. 

Marvel's departure appears to have marked the arrival of Disney, and it looks like Fortnite: Chapter 2 - Season 5 will be heavy on The Mandalorian. His Amban Sniper Rifle is already here.

Epic also confirmed the Dragon's Breath Shotgun, and the tracking-reliant Night Hawk, but it's safe to expect a bunch more down the line. 

"The Zero Point is exposed, but no one escapes the Loop, not on your watch. Join Agent Jones and the greatest hunters from across Realities like The Mandalorian in a chaotic battle that will shape the future of the Island."

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