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Fortnite Winter Royale tournament is getting ruined by hackers

Published: 10:05, 27 November 2018
Epic Games
Winter Royale tournament for Fortnite: Battle Royale
Fortnite, Winter Royale

Epic Games have announced Winter Royale tournament for Fortnite at a rather awkward time, but that seems to be the least of its problems. A popular streamer, and winner of several Fortnite competitions, Tfue, was eliminated by a hacker.

Epic Games are dropping big bucks into Fortnite tournament prizes, but one major issue is that the game is a battle royale with 100 players in a single session. Therefore, this presents problems whenever a tournament happens, since having offline tournaments with that many players is fairly heavy to pull off.

Fortnite has suffered from this, with Epic Games having to organise online tournaments that bring additional risks, such as hackers. When $1 million is in play, many people would jump at the opportunity to cheat their way to the main prize, although it's unknown why they would think no one would call them out and make them ineligible for receiving the prize.

FaZe Tfue recently failed to qualify for the next round in Fortnite Winter Royale, due to being knocked out by a hacker. The popular streamer has won almost half a million dollars in Fortnite competitions so far, but hasn't even managed to qualify for the main event due to the aforementioned issues.

Immediately after he got killed, Tfue called out the cheater and then proceeded to spectate a replay of the game which confirmed his suspicions. The player kept shooting at targets that were absolutely not visible from their point of view, with pinpoint accuracy. You can check the clip below and see for yourself.

However, this is not the first time Fortnite tournaments were plagued by cheaters, since a winner of one of the Summer Skirmish tournaments was previously of cheating, although no aimbot was mentioned.

Epic Games stood in the winner's defence, with the player eventually picking up the prize with no issues, and this controversy could have encouraged future cheaters in Fortnite tournaments who thought they could get away with it.

Fortnite Winter Royale suffered from other issues too, such as Epic Games' odd schedule and even the announcement that happened just before and just after the Thanksgiving. Many players dropped out of the tournaments because they were having family dinners and no time to prepare their schedule due to the short notice.

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