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Fortnite went full Pacific Rim with the latest map event

Published: 19:25, 21 July 2019
Epic Games
Picture of Cattus in Fortnite
Fortnite - Cattus

Epic Games pushed out another epic map changing event in Fortnite, probably unprecedented in scale so far. It contained a five-minute skirmish between a good old monster that came from the sea and a giant mech, much like in Pacific Rim.

Fans of movies based around Kaiju had a proper treat in Fortnite on 20 July 2019 when a giant monster came out of the water. It looked a lot like Leatherback from Pacific Rim but the official name Fortnite bestowed upon it was Doggus. The monster started beating on various areas of the map, upon which a response was needed

Naturally, it was countered by the massive mech that the drones have been building for a while in Pressure Plant. The mech was named Cattus and unlike the monster, it actually has some resemblance to the animal it was named after.

The full fight unfolded on a huge part of the map and players could witness it from several angles, depending on the elevation they were on. In the case of YouTuber Cragey, he made sure to have a jetpack and witness the whole fight from up high with no obstructions in view.

Doggus initially looked to be slightly damaged by the two rocket salvos Cattus fired but the Kaiju then released its own energy beam, knocking the hulking mech on the ground. This prompted Cattus to go all in, grabbing the monster and driving it into the water.

Moments later, we saw Cattus emerging apparently victorious but Doggus wouldn't have any of it. The monster jumped out and did a lot of damage in a melee encounter, ripping one of the mech's arms in the process.

In a manner similar to Gipsy Danger's events during the first Pacific Rim movie, Cattus started attacking Doggus with what looked like the plasma cannon attacks.

The fight came to an end after Cattus pulled a deus ex machina that echoed Pacific Rim's direction by equipping a sword that gave it a massive edge, no pun intended, which found its way into Doggus' head shortly after.

While the encounter had many similarities to those from the movie, there is one thing Guillermo Del Toro didn't do - the mech celebrated the victory by doing the floss dance. In before Epic gets another dance-related lawsuit.

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