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Fortnite v17.50 update: new Wild Week, fresh playlist menu

Published: 12:39, 31 August 2021
Epic Games
Fortnite Wild Weeks - Week 3
Fortnite Wild Weeks - Week 3

Fortnite's v17.50 update will kick off another Wild Week. This time, it's all about some Alien and IO tech loot. The game's playlist menu also got a facelift.

Fortnite - High Tech Hijinks Wild Week

Get ready for an Alien and IO tech extravaganza in Fortnite . Starting on Thursday, September 2 at 14:00 GMT, the otherworldly items will be all over the place and Abductors will only have the Kymera Ray Gun, Grab-itron, Prop-ifier, and Alien Nanites equipped. IO Chests will exclusively drop the Pulse Rifle, Rail Gun, Plasma Cannon, and Inflate-A-Bull. Normal Chests will follow suit and also drop Kymera Ray Gun, Pulse Rifle, and Rail Guns.

These weapons aren't dropping all around for no reason: the players will be able to take part in two Legendary Quest chains: one themed around dealing damage with Alien weapons and one with IO weapons. 

High Tech Hijinks will be succeeded by one more Wild Week. More details will be shared soon.

Epic Games Fortnite new playlist menu Fortnite new playlist menu

Fortnite Battle Royale in v17.50 update - what's new

Fortnite Discover Games Menu

Fortnite's playlist menu is sporting some fresh features: players can still drop into Solo Duos and Squads, no problem, but now they can also find other game modes that might suit their fancy with the help of categories and tags. Furthermore, they can also favourite the best ones and store them in the new "My Library" for even easier access next time. 

Major bugfixes in v17.50 update
  • Fixed an issue involving being unable to use inventory items after swapping from a Prop-ifier to a Consumable.
Miscellaneous changes
  • Reduced the number of Epic Quests needed to unlock Superman’s additional rewards.
    • Previous: 63 / 68 / 73 / 78 / 84 Quests
    • New: 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 Quests
  • The High Tech Hijinks Wild Week will not apply to competitive playlists.
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