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Fortnite tops 2019 revenue charts despite LoL having more players

Published: 18:08, 03 January 2020
Epic Games
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Fortnite has topped yearly revenue charts for the second year in a row even though most of the money didn't come from mobile. Furthermore, League of Legends has more players but doesn't convert them to spenders as well, according to SuperData.

Video game industry keeps blooming as 2019 marked another year where the revenue grew overall. As per usual, it is the mobile games that mostly dominating the scene but there are two exceptions in the equation - Fortnite and League of Legends. While Fortnite does indeed have a mobile version, the majority of the game's revenue came from other platforms, according to SuperData's .

Fortnite ended the year as #1 with $1.8 billion, repeating its success from 2018 despite going down in revenue, year on year. It was quite the dip but then again, the previously set record of $2.5 billion in 2018 was also a massive jump and maintaining such an influx is hardly viable.

Epic's game was followed by two mobile titles sitting at $1.6 billion in 2019 - Dungeon Fighter Online and Honour of Kings. Honour of Kings' revenue was calculated together with that of Arena of Valor, both of which are League of Legends mobile copies, except that the latter features Batman for some reason.

League of Legends came in at 4th place with $1.5 billion and is a rather interesting specimen. According to SuperData, the game has more players than Fortnite but doesn't convert as many into spenders. In fact, Fortnite players on PC are twice as likely to spend on in-game content than those in League of Legends.

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While one could argue it's some elaborate marketing strategy from Epic Games that gave Fortnite the upper hand, there is also a trend of Fortnite players .

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