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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 "Cubed" is now live

Published: 10:50, 13 September 2021
Epic Games
Fortnite Season 8 - an up to no good Cube
Fortnite Season 8 - an up to no good Cube

Fortnite is once again home to the dreaded Cubes which are causing all sorts of disturbances, the biggest of all being the portals to "The Sideways".

Doctor Slone’s final mission left us double-crossed and stranded on the Mothership headed into oblivion, but we can now look forward to Fortnite's Chapter 2, Season 8, and the long-prophesied return of the Cubes.

Fortunately, the Island can still be saved thanks to a new batch of useful information and the now live Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 trailer 
Fortnite Season 8 - Cubed: The Sideways and The Cubes

Players will venture into "The Sideways", a dark, monster-infested reality where gravity doesn't have the usual effect on one's mass and building is limited. This is where the players will find the ominous Cubes that are not only spreading corruption and raising monsters, but they’re also opening portals to this mysterious world, known as "Sideways Anomalies", and causing The Sideways to bleed into our world. The resulting anomalies will transform some of the POIs in each match into "Sideways Zones". Luckily, there are Sideways weapons available: the Sideways Rifle and Sideways Minigun.

The Cubes are connected to the fallen Mothership. The ship still has some tech that didn't get destroyed and this will prove most useful to the players looking to rid the world of the Cubes: a task that will also benefit from the Shadow Stones which can be found scattered amidst the rubble. The Stones will allow players to temporarily transform into shadow-like apparitions.

Epic Games Fortnite Season 8 Cubed - The gang is on the case. Fortnite Season 8 Cubed - The gang is on the case.

Players will need to band together, donate Bars to construction sites for Turret Stations and decide which weapons they want to develop. Some weapon favourites are also making a comeback, including the Automatic Sniper Rifle and Harpoon Gun.

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