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Fortnite's map starts to crack ahead of huge Season 8 event

Published: 11:41, 15 February 2019
Epic Games
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A Reddit user noticed unusual activity on Fortnite's map, which suggests that the cataclysm event signalling the beginning of Season 8 is just around the corner. The shared video shows tiny cracks appearing in certain areas of the map.

As we're drawing closer to Fornite Season 8, leaks have started to surface suggesting potential map-changing scenarios which could signal the end of the current season and the introduction of the next one.

Previously, we had a which pointed at a possible cataclysmic event that could turn some areas of Fortnite map into a lava covered landscape after an earthquake hits the island.

Reddit user named Tsunamiiboi shared a video in which we can see that data mined files were actually telling the truth. As seen in his Reddit post, Tsunamiiboi noticed a small crack occurring during his playtime. The crack can be found southwest of Tomato Temple.

Recently, data miner Lucas7yoshi shared some audio files which definitely sound like something that could be used in a cataclysmic scenario.

Piecing all these clues together and it's clear that Epic are really up to something here. It may not be solely an earthquake, maybe we're looking at a chain of events which could split the map into several smaller islands or something even crazier. 

Some players are speculating that the fire prisoner could have something to do with the earthquake, while others suggest that Polar Peak could turn out to be a volcano.

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Of course, nothing is confirmed at the moment as Season 7 officially runs until 28 February 2019 but it won't be long before we start to see more serious changes on the map.

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Also, you can watch the cracks video on and for Lucas7yoshi audio files visit his profile.

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