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Fortnite may be getting King Shark and Weasel skins

Published: 06:49, 30 August 2021
The Suicide Squad - King Shark
The Suicide Squad - King Shark

Fortnite data miners seldom take part in the world-famous habit of "sleeping" and always have some interesting news for us whenever the game gets a new update. The latest: King Shar and Weasel skins may be on their way to Fortnite

Looks like Fortnite is gearing up to welcome at least one more character from The Suicide Squad. Bloodsport has already made his debut, as did Harley's new outfit "Picky Sicky Harley Quinn".

King Shark and Weasel in Fortnite

As reported by HYPEX, it's time for the less talkative members of The Suicide Squad to hit the Island. The news comes bundled with a list of planned skins, some of which may have been scrapped by the devs over at Epic Games.

Upcoming/scrapped skins according to HYPEX:

  • Weasel (Suicide Squad)
  • King Shark (Suicide Squad)
  • Jester (Male, Female & King?)
  • Jurassic Archaeology (Male)
  • The male counterpart of Komplex
  • A male Halloween skin from Save The World

King Shar and Weasel skins have been data mined from the now infamous Fortnite 17.40 update files that also introduced the Impostor Mode, heavily inspired by Among Us.

As of right now, we don't have any official information on which skins from HYPEX' list have been greenlit for the live servers. The Suicide Squad hit the theatres in July 2021 so they kind of missed the window of opportunity for a maximum impact a King Shar and Weasel outfits would otherwise bring to the table. However, we are saying goodbye to August and Halloween is just around the corner - a perfect time to add some more-than-human characters to the Fortnite wardrobe.

Fortnite recently added Mike Lowrey - a South Beach detective from the Bad Boys franchise, played by Will Smith who also starred as Deadshot in the original Suicide Squad movie.

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