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Fortnite's Halloween event - new outfits, weapons and short films

Published: 10:16, 06 October 2021
Epic Games
Fortnitemares 2021
Fortnitemares 2021

Halloween has come to the Island. The Fortnitemares event of the year is now undead on Fortnite's servers. The event will bring new fiends, outfits and more.

We're running out of things to say about the upcoming spookfest that is Halloween, and it's only the first week of October. People are just ready to get the festivities started and the same goes for Fortnite and its returning Fortnitemares event - 2021 edition.

Fortnitemares event 2021

Halloween-themed maps are already available, courtesy of the community-submitted ideas during the Fortnitemares Callout. Find them in the "Fortnitemares" section of the playlist menu.

Fiends, creatures and costumes

Fortnite's in-game shop is now home to the new and returning Halloween Outfits. Legendary monsters are slowly shambling towards the Item Shop and those curious about who is coming up next can consult the prophetic cards that will be shared throughout the month.

First up on the list are the Universal Pictures-inspired Frankenstein’s Monster and The Mummy, part of the Universal Monsters Set. The Mummy will also be popping up in the game as a Character on the Island.

The community-inspired Boxy and Boxer are in the Item Shop now, along with the new, glowing versions of their alternative Spectral Styles.

 To help kick things off, the community-inspired Boxy and Boxer are in the Item Shop now, October 5, with new glowing versions of their alternative Spectral Styles.

Epic Games Fortnite - Boxy and Boxer Fortnite - Boxy and Boxer

The Cubes have some plans

The Cubes are preparing for the next stage of their plan but you can fight anything they throw at you with the new weapon from The Sideways and returning Halloween tricks. The ensuing chaos will give rise to new Quests with some spooky rewards.

Short Nite film festival

Fortnitemares 2021 will end on a high note that is the third Short Nite film festival. This time around, "Shortnitemares" will feature animated shorts based on everything ghoulish and sinister.

 Players can thank Quantum Builds for this year's creator-made movie theatre where each short will have its own theatre room.

More information about the event will be shared at a later date.

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