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Fortnite getting Green Arrow in January Crew Pack

Published: 12:49, 24 December 2020
Epic Games
Fortnite Crew: Green Arrow
Fortnite Crew: Green Arrow

Fortnite Crew, the game's subscription service, will be adding a new Marvel superhero in the January Crew Pack, the bow-wielding sharpshooter Green Arrow.

Green Arrow features the iconic visuals from The CW's Arrow show, and there's a few Epic additions too - the Tactical Quiver Back Bling plus Style and Boxing Glove Pickaxe. 

Fortnite's Green Arrow will be arriving for all Fortnite Crew members on December 31 at 7pm ET. Epic reminded players that to claim the January Crew Pack, players may need to login from the original purchasing platform if it's been more than 30 days since the last login there. 

"As always, Fortnite Crew subscribers will be granted 1,000 V-Bucks monthly and gain instant access to the current Battle Pass. If you haven’t had a chance to drop into Chapter 2 - Season 5. Now is the perfect time to jump in", Epic wrote. 

Players still have time to subscribe and get December's items before they're rotated out, which isn't a bad call if you're really keen on getting the Galaxia Pack. Subscribing gets you the following:

  • December Crew Pack: Galaxia (starlit Outfit and Style for Galaxia, Cosmic Llamacorn Pickaxe and Fractured World Back Bling )
  • January Crew Pack: Green Arrow
  • Access to the Chapter 2 - Season 5 Battle Pass
  • 1,000 V-Bucks

Epic Games Fortnite Crew poster Fortnite Crew, the ultimate Fortnite subscription

Note that the 1,000 V-Bucks award is timed from the time you joined Fortnite Crew, so bear that in mind before crying wolf. 

You can find the announcement on Epic's website .

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