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Fortnite Crew members getting early rewards

Published: 12:59, 15 January 2021
Epic Games
Fortnite Crew: Green Arrow
Fortnite Crew: Green Arrow

Epic Games posted a brief update on the future of Fortnite Crew, which includes a gift emote to all members due to hitting a few snags in its first months.

"Ahead of dropping details on what’s coming to Fortnite Crew in February, we’d like to give an update on where we’re at after the first month. It’s been great seeing players jump in with new Outfits like Galaxia and Green Arrow, and we’re working to make your subscription an even better experience month in and month out", Epic wrote.

That said, Epic acknowledged that some Fortnite Crew members have had issues with picking up their rewards. They also said that some early attempts to unsubscribe on Xbox may have been "tricky", and decided to do something about it. 

And by that, they mean giving Fortnite Crew members past and present the exclusive Members Only emote . Players can pick it up by simply logging in anytime from now to February 15, and we can only hope this one is easier to pick up, wink wink.

Jokes aside, Epic wrote it may take up to 48 hours for Members Only emote to show up in your locker. Also, the emote may return in the future but it will remain exclusive to Fortnite Crew members.

It looks like the dev team was quite busy addressing these issues, although they're close to announcing February's Fortnite Crew star.

Epic Games Fortnite Crew poster Fortnite Crew, the ultimate Fortnite subscription

"As part of our commitment to deliver Fortnite Crew members the best experience possible, our team is working hard to eliminate current issues, prevent future ones, and bring more cool content and features. We’re not quite ready to announce who’s in February’s Crew Pack just yet, but we can say it’s a new face from the world of Fortnite that players should look forward to", they wrote .

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