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Fortnite Champion Series player tells Epic CCO to kill himself, gets his team disqualified

Published: 19:50, 15 March 2021
Epic Games
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They say that insulting a host is considered bad etiquette, but a Fortnite Champion Series competitor took it to the next level by tweeting at Epic's Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard, telling him to kill himself.

As reported by Dot eSports, a 16-year-old player called Wrigley and his teammates Dictate and Userz have been disqualified from the $3 million tournament with only six matches to go. 

Granted, their team was at the bottom of the NA East table, but there was still serious money to be won. The best-case scenario meant they could win almost $700,000, but for some reason instead of upping his game, Wrigley thought his time would be better spent tagging Mustard on Twitter and telling him, "Like literally f***ing k!ll your$elf @DonaldMustard".

Wrigley has since deleted his profile along with the tweet, but his teammates confirmed that Epic disqualified them via email. "Based on an internal investigation, a member of your team has violated Section 8.1.2 of the Official Rules, which reads as follows: Players must be respectful of other players, Event Administrators, spectators, and sponsors", Epic explained.

Both Dictate and Userz conceded that Wrigley's behaviour was out of line and deserving of disqualification, albeit arguing that Epic could've given them a chance to find an emergency sub instead of punishing them for a tweet they had nothing to do with.

"I wish we would be able to have an opportunity for an emergency sub what Wrigley did was completely out of our control and we put endless amount of time into the game for a chance at life changing money", Userz tweeted.

As you can see, Dictate's tweets were slightly more colourful than those by Userz, but Epic don't seem to be interested in further discussion on the matter.

Thanks, Dotesports .

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