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For Honor Season 2 coming soon

Published: 16:56, 27 April 2017
For Honor - Season 2

Ubisoft will soon be releasing a Season 2 for their fighting game, For Honor. The new season will bring two new heroes and maps. Season 2 will launch on 16 May.

You can't exactly say that  has been picking up speed ever since it launched on Valentine's Day this year. I mean, you could say that but it wouldn't be any more true than me saying "No thank you, I'm full". Nevertheless, Ubisoft announced Season 2. 

The Season will be named "Shadow and Might" and it will hit consoles and PC on 16 May. Shadow and Might will add two new heroes: the Shinobi and Centurion; the obligatory new maps: two of those; and some filler stuff such as "new customization items and gameplay updates."

Epic gear will also be included. What is this Epic gear you ask? It's a "new level of gear rarity". Honestly, I don't know if these quotes are of the sarcastic variety or I'm genuinely quoting Ubisoft.

Ubisoft For Honor For Honor

Let us now detail the new heroes joining the battle:

The Shinobi will be armed with "traditional Japanese Kusarigama" which he angrily raises at the Centurion in the announcement trailer. I say angrily because I assume they have their historically accurate undergarments in a bunch for some reason.

The Centurion will defend himself with a traditional Roman gladius, of course. The gladius will be used for "strategic close-quarters combat".

The two new playgrounds will be called  Forge and Temple Garden. They will be available for free, along with an update that will "increase the maximum gear score" and "balance of the entire gear stats system". The update will also introduce the Epic level of gear rarity.

Ubisoft Screenshot from For Honor of a duel between Shinobi and a Berserker. For Honor

The start of this new season will also bring back the Faction War.

Come 16 May, season pass holders will be able to unlock  right off the bat, while the pass-less plebes will have to wait a week before unlocking the heroes using the in-game currency.

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