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For Honor goes free on Steam, beats Monster Hunter: World

Published: 08:50, 23 August 2018
Screenshot from For Honor of a duel between Shinobi and a Berserker.
For Honor

There's really no magic as powerful as the word "free" and Ubisoft's move to make For Honor free has already propelled the game ahead of Monster Hunter: World on Steam in terms of current players and 36K shy of beating its daily peak.

Steam's numbers currently peg Monster Hunter: World at about 150,000 current players, which seems like peanuts for For Honor's newly found fame. With 227,209 current players at the time of writing, Ubisoft Montreal must be honourably snickering at .

Note however that you shouldn't be taking these stats at face value because For Honor going free on Steam is a limited time offer and, as Mark Twain so aptly put it, facts are stubborn, but statistics are more pliable. The offer is basically laying the groundwork for the game's upcoming expansion The Marching Fire, which is slated for 16 October 2018.

Having launched in February 2017, For Honor hasn't quite had a stellar start to its career either. Even though initial numbers were more than encouraging, much like MH:W's, the game was plagued by lack of dedicated servers and Ubisoft's blind insistence that P2P is a worthy alternative, both of which have since been fixed.

In fact, Ubisoft Montreal's development team has quietly toiled away on For Honor throughout 2018 and while it's still not perfect in terms of balance, it is shaping up to be the game we expected. The team have added six new heroes and a plethora of tweaks and changes, with The Marching Fire bringing a new faction and 4x4 mode, more eye candy and a two-player co-op PVE mode. 

Ubisoft is hoping that the Starter Edition will be enough to entice players into hopping aboard the game's proverbial train. They've even discounted the DLC packs by 75 per cent each, so if you happen to like For Honor, there probably won't be a better time to hop on board.

Ubisoft Knights fighting each other in For Honor For Honor - Knights vs Knights

Of course, that's unless you're easily discouraged by game difficulty, because For Honor is not your average beginner-friendly game. You're likely to have your behind handed to you many times over until you can confidently say you've learned the ropes so if you can handle that - For Honor may just be your cup of tea.

You can find the game's .

For Honor, action-fighting title developed by Ubisoft North

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For Honor

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