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For Honor dedicated servers have finally arrived to consoles

Published: 08:50, 07 March 2018
For Honor title screen showing the Warden, the Raider and Kensei.
For Honor

For Honor first received its dedicated servers for PC on short notice, just one year after the game's release. Ubisoft is now expanding the service, meaning PS 4 and Xbox One will get their own dedicated servers after scheduled maintenance.

Ubisoft is continuing their trend of progressively making their games better, long after they get released. On first glance it's great they are devoting time to fix their games but it also begs the question whether their games should be released in an unfinished state. 

Either way, both The Division and Rainbow Six Siege have seen a salvo of updates that made them actually good games, years after release. Now For Honor seems to be getting the same treatment, with PC having received dedicated servers back on 19 February 2018 along with several quality of life updates and a special event. Console players didn't receive the whole package immediately though, as the dedicated servers went live on 6 March 2018, after a scheduled maintenance.

UbiSoft Screenshot from For Honor showing a Centurion impaling his enemy on his Gladius. For Honor

Dedicated servers were originally announced in January 2018 but it took two months for them to get implemented on PC and three months for consoles. The servers are bound to fix issues the game has been suffering from since it was released.

According to Ubisoft, dedicated servers are responsible for removal of resyncs and host migrations during matches, match completion rate overall increase and console players can expect similar improvements once the update is live.

Ubisoft Screenshot from For Honor of a duel between Shinobi and a Berserker. For Honor

For Honor has seen a successful launch back in 2017 but the problems popped their heads soon after which lead to players leaving the game left and right, the same way as it happened with The Division. The game still managed to attract 7.5 million players with 1 million unique users per month in 2018.

Dedicated servers have landed just in time, as Age of Wolves marked the start of season 5 for the game.

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