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AFK farming in For Honor will now be awarded with account bans

Published: 18:02, 05 March 2017
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For Honor - Oh man, this grinding can pile up.

Warning sanctions for first time offenders

After numerous player reports of AFK farming in For Honor UbiSoft has decided to step in. A lot of players supposedly just leave their controllers in a position that would bypass AFK filers in order to get their hands on end-match rewards without actually playing. Such behaviour can lead to temporary or permament account suspension.

"Because this kind of behavior negatively affects the player experience of others, it has become a top priority for us. As such, we will be sanctioning all the players who have been found to be using AFK Farming repeatedly. Depending on the situation, and the existence of additional sanctions already on a player’s account, we can apply different degrees of sanctions," was published on the blog.

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