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First glimpse of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' desert map

Published: 16:55, 24 August 2017
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Desert map WIP

Brendan Greene has teased an upcoming map for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds during a Gamescom presentation. The image shown is a work-in-progress snapshot of an urban area with lots of sand everywhere.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has recently passed the sold units milestone and become the non-Valve game on Steam. Looking forward, the game's creator Brendan PlayerUnknown Greene has teased an upcoming map for PUBG.

The map is a sandy urban battleground and will seemingly feature lots of verticality. What is on display is clearly still a work in progress as a few of the building models seem to be repeating themselves on the image.

Looking at the cliffs in the background and the dunes beyond that, it may be possible that this map will have endless desert as its final exterior boundary, as opposed to the open sea seen so far. So, an oasis instead of an island maybe?

In addition the desert map another battle royale theatre is in the works with an Adriatic theme, but both of these still seem to be in very early stages of development. We had on where Bluehole could place the new map.

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