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First gameplay footage of Battlefield Mobile appears online

Published: 15:56, 24 September 2021
Battlefield Mobile screenshot
Battlefield Mobile

Battlefield Mobile is now available via Google Play Store for those who pre-registered for early access which means we got first gameplay footage of the game.

A ton of gameplay and screenshots of EA's upcoming Battlefield Mobile game have appeared online. The game's early access phase has kicked off today via Google Play Store hence the footage. 

You can find a nice summary of all videos and screenshots that appeared online on  the Gaming Leaks and Rumours subreddit or check out some of the images below:

Reddit Battlefield Mobile Battlefield Mobile

Reddit Battlefield Mobile - Weapon selection Battlefield Mobile - Weapon selection

As you can see, it looks like...a mobile game? Nothing too impressive with clunky movement, and below-par visuals but since this is basically an alpha test, there's still plenty of time until the game's 2022 release date. 

Some players who got to play the game have shared their thoughts on Reddit, confirming that it's not the greatest experience which is expected from alpha:

"The control and animation are clunky, the hitbox isn't that good either, it doesn't even have gyro aiming. but I guess it's okay since it's actually Alpha rn. Gameplay-wise, CODM is still better but it isn't fair to compare alpha and final version, I guess," one Redditor wrote.

EA announced Battlefield Mobile earlier this year when they confirmed that the game would be a true Battlefield experience on mobile with classes, vehicular and air combat and more. 

The game is expected to launch sometime next year.

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