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FIFA PC players hit 1 million active transfers on the Transfer Market

Published: 12:34, 23 October 2020
FIFA 21 FUT Transfer market
FIFA PC community celebrates hitting a milestone in the Transfer market

For the first time in the history of FIFA Ultimate Team, PC players have managed to hit 1 million live transfers on the FUT Transfer Market, and they're overjoyed because of it.

Yesterday everything seemed like it was going to be another ordinary day. The work is done from home from the makeshift study, the child jumps and tries to distract you in all possible ways, and you try to finish as much work as possible until your wife kicked you out of the ‘office’ because she has some online meeting too. (Thank's, covid19)

Coffee was made and the latest news from gaming, forums, Twitter were browsed. And then a miracle happened. A specific topic appeared on Reddit , which says that a milestone was hit in a long-lasting FIFA-PC relationship. 

PC FUT players have managed to hit 1 million live transfers on the Transfer market!

It is known that the largest FIFA community is on the PlayStation 4, and that most of the player base comes from Europe, where football (some will say soccer) is the most important (secondary) thing. It is by far the most popular sport on the Old Continent. 

With more than good sales of the PS4 console (100M + consoles sold), it's no surprise that the PS4 is the leading platform. It's been like that for a long time. The best FUT players are out there and Transfer Market is hitting up to 10 million FUT cards live every day. In comparison, Xbox players are hitting about 2-3M live transfers daily, on the FUT Transfer Market. 

Reddit FIFA PC players have hit 1M live transfers in FUT FIFA 21 (PC) Ultimate team: 1M live transfers

At the time of writing this article, the PC FUT Transfer market is about 700k live transfers, where PS4 one is at 6M. 

This milestone can be attributed to the great strategy that EA have been implementing lately, as we can see that the community on the PC platform started to grow after FIFA 21 was also released on Steam. 

There’s also EA Play which offers 10 trial hours, as well as EA Play Pro which offers FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition for all subscribers. FIFA player numbers are certainly expected to increase after EA Play is officially activated as part of the Xbox Game Pass deal.

We would like to congratulate the FIFA PC community and wish them good luck in keeping the number of active players going up and FUT card prices going down.

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