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FIFA 21 Update #4: Still no missing 3rd kits and Leeds United stadium

Published: 11:46, 29 October 2020
FIFA 21 Update #4 - alternate kits still missing for many clubs
FIFA 21 Update #4 - alternate kits are still missing for many clubs

FIFA 21 just got patched up to version 1.06 on PC, bringing many bug fixes and improvements to the game, but console gamers are going to have to wait a little bit, as usual.

The latest Title Update 4 is live on PC, and with it, many bugs are fixed. The patch weighs around 3Gb but still doesn't bring the Leeds United's home ground Ellen Road nor the missing 3rd kits for many clubs, such as Arsenal, Manchester United, Barcelona, etc.

Check out some highlights from the extensive patch notes:


  • Adjusted referee logic in potential yellow card scenarios, with the intent of reducing the likelihood of a yellow card being given.
  • The Ball Roll to Scoop Turn combination now requires a five star Skill Move Rating to perform.
  • Added the “Royal Wave” Celebration to the pool of Celebrations that can occur when requesting a Random Celebration.

EA SPORTS FIFA 21 message from FIFA team FIFA 21 Title Update #4

Addressed the following issues: 

  • Sometimes, the referee would end the game during inappropriate situations during Stoppage Time.
  • Sometimes, players could briefly float in the air following a physically contested header, a pass, or a shot.
  • Following specific dribbling sequences, the CPU AI would stop approaching the ball carrier, on some Difficulty Levels.
  • The Instant Hard Tackle would sometimes result in the player lunging further forward than intended due to an animation inconsistency.
  • In rare instances in certain stadiums, the goalkeeper could get stuck when trying to retrieve the ball.
  • In some out of game scenes, player heads would shift erratically.
  • When an outfield player collided with a goalkeeper, the outfield player’s animations could become visually corrupted before recovering.
  • Following a shot that connected with the goal frame, the frame could shake erratically. 
  • In rare instances, a goal was counted as an own goal instead of being attributed to the correct player.
  • Following a foul from a tackle in the box, the foul and penalty kick was sometimes not awarded. 
  • In some situations following a header pass, an unnecessary defensive auto-switch could occur.

The patch also updated some badges, kits, audio, ad boards, tifos, broadcast packages, stadiums, scenes, and banners. For the full patch notes, click here .

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