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Fallout 76 - the holiday season and end-of-year content refresher course

Published: 08:09, 04 December 2020
Fallout 76 - Community Calendar for November and December 2020
Fallout 76 - Community Calendar for November and December 2020

Fallout 76's Steel Dawn Update is now live along with the game's Double S.C.O.R.E. event. The updated Community Calendar will take us through the end-of-the-year events. Information about Season 3 coming soon.

Fallout 76 received a ton of content recently. Here's a refresher on what awaits the Vault dwellers in Appalachia this December. 

The Steel Dawn questline

Monday brought us a new trailer for the Steel Dawn Update, and its launch was accompanied by a few questions in the community asking about “Fractured Steel” quests.

The devs have originally planned to release the Brotherhood storyline as a three-part affair, spread out over the course of a year. The team changed their minds a couple of months ago and decided to join "Steel Dawn" and "Fractured Steel" into one update that was released last week. The third piece of the puzzle titled "Steel Reign" is slated for release in 2021. 

The Steel Dawn Update brought the "Home Expansion" quest. The quest can be entered via the Shelters Claim Center Poster in any train station or you can snag it for  free at the Atomic Shop . Completing the quest will grant each player their very own Vault Utility Room Shelter - an instanced area where you can build ad nauseam. 

December Community Calendar 

An updated Community Calendar went up a couple of weeks ago. The updated calendar covered important upcoming events in November and December. The dev team re-shared the list of events again recently to make sure the players are up to date on everything happening in Fallout 76 through the end of the year. 

This holiday season will bring new Double XP and Purveyor Legendary Sale events, as well as an all-new Season, Scoreboard, and rank-up rewards. In addition, the Scorched will soon be donning jingle bells and festive attire for the return of the Holiday Scorched event, which will last for just over two weeks. 

Double S.C.O.R.E. event is now live

Fallout 76's Season 2 will come to an end on December 15, leaving you plenty of time to rank up and earn those last few rewards from the Armor Ace Scoreboard. Making the push towards the coveted Rank 100 will be made easier with the now live Double S.C.O.R.E. event. 

Lend your firepower to Armor Ace and the Power Patrol in the battle against the Red Vipers by completing challenges this week. Along the way, you will rake in twice as much S.C.O.R.E. for each of your Daily and Weekly Challenges. This event will end when the next set of Weekly Challenges rotate in at 5:00 p.m. GMT on December 8.

Season 3

The next few weeks will bring more details about  Season 3 and its rewards as well as information about the first update of 2021 - lots of significant quality-of-life improvements incoming.

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