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Fallout 76 to host a double S.C.O.R.E. event next week

Published: 08:25, 27 November 2020
Fallout 76 - Brotherhood of Steel hero banner art
Fallout 76 - Brotherhood of Steel

Fallout 76 is saying goodbye to its Season 2 with a double S.C.O.R.E. event. The Hunt for the Treasure Hunter mini-event is ending on November 30. The Steel Dawn Update arrived early.

Fallout 76's Season 2 will end on December 15. The game's Season 3 will kick off on the same day with the new "Scribe of Avalon" Scoreboard.

More details about Fallout 76 Season 3 are on their way and will be shared in the coming days. Until then, you can aid Armor Ace and the Power Patrol in a final charge against the Red Vipers with a new Double S.C.O.R.E. event.

Fallout 76 Double S.C.O.R.E. event

From 5:00 p.m. on December 1, until 5:00 p.m. GMT on December 7, your Daily and Weekly Challenges will award twice their usual amounts of S.C.O.R.E.

You can use your newfound wealth of S.C.O.R.E. to maximize your rank-ups and claim those last few Season 2 rewards.

Bethesda Fallout 76 - Treasure Hunter Fallout 76 - Treasure Hunter

Hunt for the Treasure Hunter event is coming to a close

Treasure Hunter Mole Miners started emerging all over Appalachia earlier this week. They are hunting for the treasures found on the surface.

Vault Dwellers are welcome to put a stop to the Mole Miners’ antics and walk away with their Mole Miner Pails that contain loot and rewards until 5:00 p.m. GMT on November 30.

Steel Dawn Update highlights

The Steel Dawn Update arrived ahead of schedule and brought new quests, features, improvements, a host of bug fixes, and more to Fallout 76. The full patch notes are available here .

Here are the highlights of the major changes:

  • New Questline: The Brotherhood of Steel has returned to Appalachia with an all-new questline.
  • C.A.M.P. Shelters: Each Shelter offers an instanced, underground interior that’s all your own. 
  • Survival Mechanic Improvements: All negative effects of Hunger and Thirst have been removed in the Steel Dawn Update. 
  • New Weapons and Armor: By completing the Steel Dawn Questline and Daily Ops, you can get your hands on some new weapon and armour rewards straight from the Brotherhood arsenal.
  • Atomic Shop Updates: Dynamic Bundles are coming to the Atomic Shop on December 1. Also starting December 1, you will be able to spend Atoms on Lunchboxes. 
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