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Fall Guys gets new rounds and crossplay with latest update

Published: 09:47, 13 May 2021
Fall Guys screenshot
Fall Guys

Mediatonic announced the update 4.5 for Fall Guys which should be hitting the servers shortly, bringing crossplay and different rounds with it, among other goodies.

Fall Guys may not be the massive population driver on Steam it once was but the game is bringing exciting updates for the players regardless. The latest update is partially bringing crossplay as well as two new rounds.

In the case of crossplay, the game will now allow PlayStation 4 and PC players to matchmaker together in all the available game modes. On the other hand, making parties with players from different platforms is still not possible.

While this addition is always good for the player pool, some have expressed concerns over the cheaters who previously decided to ruin the experience for PC players. That said, the devs are still working on minimising the effects of these unsavoury individuals and things like Cheater Island are still a thing. Furthermore, crossplay is optional, even though it's on by default.

Update 4.5 will also bring two additional rounds. The Slimescraper will have the beans trying to outrun the slime across multiple floors with obstacles of their own. According to the devs , this is the spiritual successor to the Slime Climb.

Fall Guys promo image Fall Guys

Button Bashers will split all the remaining players into duelling pairs across mini-arenas where they duke it out until one stands and that bean gets a point. The player with the most points at the end of the timer will win.

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