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ESL restructuring leads to layoffs in Spain, France and potentially UK

Published: 16:00, 04 December 2019
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Popular esports organiser ESL, the company you're surely familiar with from numerous reputable esports events they have each year, have announced that they've started with restructuring, which in translation means a number of lost jobs.

Apparently, ESL's offices in Spain and France so far bore the brunt of the layoffs, but the process of restructuring is likely to affect many more before it is done. No offices will be closed, so the French and Spanish offices will continue to operate but with less staff than before. 

As reported by The Loadout, ESL stated, "ESL has today announced a considered restructuring program of our international entities to ensure a more efficient way of working that meets the needs of the company and its customers, with local entities focusing on the ESL brand and partnerships in their dedicated regions."

As for the UK, ESL is currently considering the best course of action and they said that roles have been "put at risk". The company vouched to support all the staff affected in any way by the above changes. 

According to their statements, ESL is moving capabilities and resources to central offices "to meet the company's need for efficient operations and customer demands of global and scalable products."

Considering the size and relevance of ESL, it's unlikely that the changes will be seen from the outside, so we expect the organisation to keep up the good work as before.

ESL Natus Vincere's roster picking up the ESL One Cologne 2018 trophy ESL One Cologne 2018 Winners

Formerly known as Electronic Sports League, ESL was founded in 2000 and is easily a household name with anyone even remotely interested in esports. Their Intel Extreme Masters is the longest-running esports tournament series and they're no strangers to world records in event viewership either, so hopefully, this doesn't affect their standing. 

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