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Escape from Tarkov announces new teaser video premiering on Friday

Published: 10:10, 02 June 2022
Battlestate Games
Streets of Tarkov screenshot
Streets of Tarkov screenshot

Will the video called Death in the Air show new Streets of Tarkov footage, Terminal, Lighthouse expansion, Arena, or something else completely?

Battlestate Games posted yesterday on all their Social media accounts a link to the Youtube video called Death in the air that should premiere tomorrow night, Friday, at 21:00 CET.

There is no doubt that this is something major, as they only announce bigger things days in advance, compared to the Events that get announced on the day.  Players have been speculating for the past several hours on what the video could feature, and here are some of the most probable options.

Streets of Tarkov teaser

The first option is that it is the new Streets of Tarkov teaser, as they have released those on a yearly basis, with previous being released also in June, on the 10th in 2021, and on the 13th in 2020. 

If that is the case, we could finally get a concrete date for the release of the map, as Nikita mentioned last week that the first iteration of the map should release before autumn.

A lot of footage has been released already for the map, and not many things are left unknown, except the finite release date, and if Battlestate Games release another footage video without the date, it would probably enrage the player base as that would mean the map could be pushed to the next year, again.

If we were betting on which theory is the most accurate, we would say that it is this one: The streets of Tarkov trailer with the exact release date.

Terminal map

The theory that the map The Terminal could be released, or teased, is something that originated from the pixelated video screenshot, where people recognized the pattern and the location of The Terminal in the existing Tarkov map.

The Terminal is the map we know very little about at the moment, it should be a large section of the harbor zone, rumored to be the backup Emercom extraction point. Previous roadmaps provided by the Battlestate Games put the map release after the Streets release with the order being: Lighthouse (part one released), Streets of Tarkov, Terminal, Suburbs.

Unless the Terminal turns out to be a smaller map like Factory or The Lab, we highly doubt the Battlestate Games would tease, or even release a larger map before Streets of Tarkov.

Reddit user CptnNubs Terminal reveal theory Terminal reveal theory

Lighthouse expansion

The second part of the Lighthouse map, with or without the first in-game Trader, is probably the least exciting theory, but quite plausible, as we know for sure that it will be coming with the next major patch or wipe. The screenshots of the Lighthouse expansion were released in early April, together with the Lighthouse keeper, and three new Rogue bosses.

Players also noticed that the name of one upcoming Rogue boss is Birdeye, a sniper that will most likely protect the in-game Trader, and made a connection to the video's title: Death from the air. The same could be applied to some extent to Big Pipe's weapon, the grenade launcher, which picture got released earlier this week. 

We wouldn't rule out this option and would rate it the second most probable. We are just skeptical that BSG would announce and tease this sort of thing two days in advance.


One remaining option is that we are finally going to see the first footage of the long-expected Arena mode. The Arena will be used for PvP fights, likely in battle royale format. The pixelated location could well be a new Arena location because the pixelated spot is currently just an empty space on the in-game map, right next to the Terminal map.

Death in the Air title could also refer to the main purpose of the arena which is a competitive deathmatch. Speeding up the Arena release would make sense, as it would ease the late wipe period, and give players and streamers something exciting to do in this stage of the wipe.

One thing most players expect to happen is that after the video's release, we will most likely know when the next wipe is.

Watch the video tomorrow at 21:00 CET below.

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