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Epic Games freebies: ARK Survival Evolved and Samurai Shodown are next

Published: 23:49, 10 June 2020
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A gun pointing at a force field of sorts from the game Ark: Survival Evolved
ARK: Survival Evolved

SNK and Epic Games already announced that Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection would be free to keep on the latter's store for a while but now it appears that ARK Survival Evolved will get the same treatment during the same week.

Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection will include five classic games from the series and will normally cost $39.99 on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Steam and Epic Games Store. However, the collection will be available for free starting on June 11, 2020. 

In case you don't feel like consulting the video below for the contents of the collection, here is a quick list:

  1. Samurai Shodown
  2. Samurai Shodown II
  3. Samurai Shodown III
  4. Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa's Revenge
  5. Samurai Shodown V
  6. Samurai Shodown V: Special
  7. Samurai Shodown V: Perfect

You can find a lot more info on the official website dedicated to the NeoGeo Collection .

While this is worthy of the terrible effort to log in and claim on its own, the Samurai Shodown collection is not the only thing that will be available for free on EGS from June 11 to 18. 

It appears that ARK: Survival Evolved will be available to keep for free during the same time frame. Many of those who played the game on Steam enjoyed it with a pile of mods available through Steam Workshop but these additions will not be exempt from the EGS version either.

Naturally, the Workshop mods will not work with the game on EGS but there are ways to add them manually, as opposed to subscribing on Gaben's platform.

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