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ARK Survival Evolved trailer shows new places, story and creatures

Published: 19:29, 09 November 2020
Ark: Survival Evolved

Studio Wildcard showcased several additions to ARK: Survival Evolved through a trailer and announced some voice acting from celebrities.

ARK: Genesis Part 2 trailer shows new biomes, teases the story and new creatures that will come to the game with the release of the expansion in March 2021. 

One of the most prominent features is the voice acting that includes several celebrities, such as David Tennant of Doctor Who and Good Omens fame as well as his stint in Marvel universe where he portrayed the charismatic but unpredictable antagonist, Kilgrave. Tennant's role will be Sir Edmund Rockwell the villain in the story.

Joining him will be Madeleine Madden who will portray the robotic AI companion HLN-A or Helena Walker, depending on how you prefer to call her. These two will apparently go at it on a colony ship that is travelling through deep space where the players will need to overcome Rockwell by using all the skills they learned so far.

Some of these skills will include brain control of the enemies, riding a Hoversail, utilising security cameras and possibly more. It is mind control that probably stands out in this set of additions since controlling other creatures proved to be rather interesting in Dishonored series.

Wildcard also revealed another trailer that features the TLC Pass #3 update which brings new abilities and visual changes to the Stegosaurus and Woolly Mammoth as well as insect and wyvern breeding. Taming HUD is another novelty that should help the Survivors out.

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