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EA selling senior notes, proceeds will fund new acquisitions

Published: 02:28, 10 February 2021
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Apex Legends - Mirage next to his patron deity

Electronic Arts look like they're looking to add even more studios to their umbrella, as the company announced a sale of $750 million of their senior notes.

Now, we'll spare you the financial details, but if you're interested in that aspect, you can follow the link below. 

What matters is EA's motivation and that isn't a secret. "EA intends to use the net proceeds from the offering for general corporate purposes, including but not limited to acquisitions", they wrote.

Clearly, the publisher is planning to replenish their creative department with more studios, and won't be stopping with Codemasters. The takeover has been approved, by the way, and it seems to have been a really hot property considering Take-Two's admission that losing out was disappointing. 

Some of EA's studios have been drawing more and more questions from shareholders, which also had to have played a role in the decision to buy new studios. 

BioWare have been one of those studios and it's said that EA will be paying them a visit this week to decide what to do with the long-awaited Anthem Next. More precisely, they'll be making the decision on whether to invest more in the troubled game or pull the plug entirely. 

In the meantime, BioWare have been doing some high profile projects, and their Mass Effect remaster will be a prelude to the main test, Dragon Age 4. 

EA Sunset in The Next Dragon Age Bioware, The Next Dragon Age

EA's DICE team has been busy working on Battlefield 6, whose development cycle has been lengthened after what happened with Battlefield V. According to the latest reports, the new version of the iconic shooter could feature the Levolution system, allowing for unprecedented destruction. 

You can find more details on EA's senior notes sale here .

Battlefield V, WWII shooter by DICE and Electronic Arts

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Battlefield V

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